Well during this pandemic everyone of us are inside our house not knowing how to pass the time.

So here are a few shows that you could watch which is worthwhile.


I’m a Terrace House addict and the latest drop of Terrace House 2019-2020 episodes couldn’t have come at a better time. 

Those in the know already understand: Terrace House is self care. It’s mindfulness in TV form. A goldfish bowl for human beings. Imagine a Japanese Big Brother stripped of all the drama and nonsense, replaced with a focus on minutiae — on everyday human actions drawn large.

If you haven’t watched a single episode of this show I’m insanely jealous. You have so much quality TV to watch. Start with Terrace House: Boys and Girls in the City, then move on to Terrace House: Opening New Doors. You have so much to consume!

2.Doctor Who

A tale of two Time Lords: Jodie Whittaker and Jo Martin play different incarnations of the Doctor in Doctor Who.BBC America

The show originally ran from 1963 to 1989 so I’m optimistic it’ll outlast whatever lockdown has to throw at us. I even made a spreadsheet listing all the episodes, so I know that if I watch one a day, I’ll go from black-and-white to color by June and I’ll finish in September 2021. 

That’s if I watch an episode a day… Yeeeah, I have not been watching an episode a day. But I can tell you that even creaky 1960s sci-fi is enormously entertaining and surprisingly thought-provoking. With even more uncanny timing, I’ve reached a 1966 episode in which the human race catches a mysterious infection. Fingers crossed for a happy ending. Doctor Who is available on Britbox in the US and UK and makes a great quarantine project*.

*This also applies to Star Trek. Or the Golden Girls. You can pick any show really — but the spreadsheet is non-negotiable.

3.Schitt’s Creek, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Witcher and Outlander

The Witcher is Netflix’s most popular freshman series yet, the company

I’m a huge fan of all these shows and have leaned on them like a crutch during the lockdown. 

My 16-year-old and I have rewatched all the seasons of Schitt’s Creek and Sabrina. Schitt’s Creek is a delight, and I’m crushed that it’s ending. The main characters are snobs but in a charming, hilarious way. And they actually start to grow as human beings through their years of misadventure, which is also satisfying. 

Sabrina’s dark twists and turns keep surprising us. Somehow the show finds the most captivating twenty-somethings in Hollywood to populate the cast.

The Witcher and Outlander play out fantastical storylines based on books that I’ve read and adored. But honestly, it’s the casting of the leading men that brings me back to these two shows again and again. And I don’t watch them with my kids.

4.The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Babylon Berlin

Honestly have been meaning to watch this for ages.Amazon Studios

I didn’t get a chance to watch season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel when it was released in December. So I’ve used my time to rewatch the series from the beginning and marvel at the dialogue, jokes, the sets, the costumes and how well thought-out all the characters are (Susie in Season 2 was a revelation.) Fun, fun, fun.

On the recommendation of many friends, I’ve dived into the German TV noir detective series Babylon Berlin, which is set in 1929 Berlin — a few years before the rise of Hitler. Like many new series, you need to make it through to the third episode to understand what’s going on because it’s complicated (but worthwhile). The series is based on a series of best-selling detective by German author Volker Kutscher, and I recommend watching it in German with English subtitles. The dubbed English version really loses things in translation. This is another series where the sets and costumes can transport you to another time. As the New Yorker noted in its 2018 review, Babylon Berlin was “the most expensive non-English-language [TV series] to date, with a budget of $47 million.”  It shows

And now for old times sake


Steven Moffat And Benedict Cumberbatch Drops Huge Hints On ...

Most of us must remember this show. Filled with humor, mystery , suspense and twist, lots and lots of twist. While seeing this show just remember to expect the unexpectable. This comedic duo has put us throug many emotions at once. So enjoy.


Lucifer Poster | Coming soon to Netflix! | Kristin Harris | Flickr

The devil has retired and now he is a detective for the LAPD. The rest just watch.

Now, if your a cartoon buff

7. Spider Man


When Disney Plus launched in the UK shortly after I bunkered down at home, I came across this gem from the ’90s. I’ve been watching one 20-minute episode each morning before work; turns out that ritual is exactly what I needed.

8. Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry | TV fanart |

Tom and Jerry, without a doubt, is everyone’s favourite. The pair of adorable Jerry and the always annoyed Tom created many memories for most of us. The creator of the show, Gene Deitch, died recently, but he surely is smiling sitting in heaven watching kids still loving his masterpiece.

9. Scooby Doo

Buy Official Scooby Doo Poster Scooby Doo Design: The Gang

Scooby Doo, Where are you? If this comes to your mind every time you hear someone say Scooby Doo, then you are a true blue Scooby Doo fan. With his team of detectives, comprising of Shaggy, Fred, Velma and Daphne, Scooby Doo is always on a spooky adventure.

10. Pokemon

A Look Back at the Pokemon Anime Over the Years

The amazing adventures of ash and his friends with their pokemon’s is still fresh in many of our minds. World renowned cartoon is loved and enjoyed by many still with new seasons and episodes releasing every day and year . Filled with joy , adventures, fun, mysteries, will bring joy to us every single time.

11. Shin Chan

Crayon Shin-chan" Poster by pernellp | Redbubble

One of the best comedy gold creation of all time. This small kid is one of the famous name, especially in India along with Pokemon. A must watch comedy gold.

12. Doraemon

Download Doraemon PNG Pic - Free Transparent PNG Images, Icons and ...

22nd century here we come.


Timeline 1854

It has been a long time since they left, yet it is still fresh inside my head.My only best friends John and Alex. We knew each other for a long time since my first day for my 5th grade.

Both were genius’s the only people who could compete with each other on wits. Both shared the same obsession, to travel in time. And that is when every thing started to change.

We three graduated from the same collage after which they stared to follow their dreams and me I became a doctor. I was the bread earner of the house, well basically my house which they had turned into a warzone of test tubes, apparatus and many more. Well I could be proud because my was going to be know as the house were the first time mechanics was built.

But deep down I had a fear as both had different idea for their design and their use. But they still went along.

Finally after 5 years of fighting , agreeing they finally made it. The one and only time machine in this world. Unless I am wrong. We decided not to make it public. Obviously we wanted a joy ride so we took it for an adventure

We saw the past, future, well the future was a bit bizarre but never the less it was interesting. After our return we were all happy and looked forward for our new adventure. It was like nothing could possibly go wrong. Well I wish.

It must have been 12 midnight. We heard a weird noise. Me and John woke up and ran toward the source as we guessed what the sound was.

We went to our mechanisms and someone was tampering with it. We blazed the light towards him. He was wearing a mask. John jumped towards him and started to roll around the floor. John was a strong man and he over powered the intruder. When we unmasked him we couldn’t believe it.It was Alex.

“ALEX YOU !” said I

“but why ?” asked John

A smirk came in ALEX’S face.”Think John think. why would I try to steal the machine ?” said Alex

“I wanted to sell it. obviously. Think how rich I could I get, if I sell it”

Well I guess I won’t allow you to” said John

Without any notice Alex jumped into the machine and pressed the start button. John jumped after him. The next thing that happened was spectacular and bizarre. A portal opened and they were engulfed in it. That was the last time I ever heard of them.